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Kestrel Apprentice Solutions is committed to providing opportunities to individuals facing barriers to employment and vocational education and training. We achieve this through adhering to the following principles:

1. Access: We believe that services should be available to everyone who is entitled to them and should be free of any form of discrimination.

2. Equity: We believe services should be developed and delivered on the basis of fair treatment of clients who are eligible to receive them.

3. Communication: We are continuously reviewing strategies to inform jobseekers of our services and how they can obtain them, and we welcome and encourage feedback on how we can improve.

4. Responsiveness: We are sensitive to the needs and requirements of jobseekers, apprentices and trainees facing barriers to employment and vocational education and training, and we are committed to being as responsive as far a practicable to the particular circumstances of individuals.

5. Effectiveness: Our service is “results-oriented” and focused on meeting the needs of jobseekers, apprentices and trainees from all backgrounds.

6. Efficiency: We are committed to optimising the available public resources through a user-responsive approach to service delivery, which meets the needs of jobseekers, apprentices and trainees.

7. Accountability: We are committed to monitoring and measuring our performance as a GTO; as part of this commitment we undertake regular performance reporting and evaluation of our service delivery.

Application of these principles is underpinned by the Kestrel values of Teamwork,

Respect, Accountability, Celebration and Support