Our Value Proposition for Employers

At Kestrel Recruitment and Kestrel Apprentice Solutions we care about your business success.

Our passionate team of Recruitment & HR Professionals has delivered high quality, cost effective services to regional employers since 2008.

We are a community based, not-for-profit company and this means that as a Kestrel Employer, your investment in recruitment, labour hire and apprenticeship/traineeship services is redirected back in to the local community we serve.

Kestrel is an Approved Tier 2 Regional Provider of permanent and temporary staffing solutions to Victorian Government and a Registered Group Training Organisation (GTO) in Victoria and NSW.

Call 1300 337 870 to talk to a local Consultant about your business needs.

Looking for a Risk Free Employment Solution?

The Kestrel Employment Solution is a smart strategy for employers who are looking acheive their business objectives through the acquisition of quality staff. If you are a small to medium employer, it is likely that you are mindful of the financial consquences to your business of getting it wrong.

The Kestrel Employment Solution is tailored to the needs of small and medium sized business. You can avoid the upfront costs of recruitment, and take up to six months to evaluate the performance of your new staff member at no risk to your business whatsoever.

Next time you need to employ new staff, make sure you pick up the phone and talk to Kestrel first!

Need Quality Temporary (Temp) Staff?

When you need staff to cover short-term needs, talk to Kestrel Recruitment. We screen hundreds of candidates across all industry sectors to meet the demands of local business. All Kestrel Temporary Staff undergo a comprehensive screening process, and our responsive level of service makes the Kestrel Recruitment Labour Hire option second to none.

Outplacement Services

Redundancy is an emotional experience for employees and employers alike. It can have a tremendous impact on your organisation’s standing depending on how such events are handled. While organisations grow, downsize, merge, acquire and divest; people’s career drivers, performance levels and aspirations also change.

Kestrel Recruitment can provide a range of services to both employer and employee to ease the pressure of such a difficult time.

Contact Kestrel Recruitment today to discuss our services and how we can benefit your organisation or e-mail jobs@kestrelrecruitment.com.au.