10 Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are a useful resource as part of your job search strategy. Here are ten reasons why!

  1. Recruitment agencies have access to a wider variety of opportunities; many organisations prefer to use a recruitment firm rather than to advertise themselves.
  2. Using a recruitment agency in your job search will save you time as you need only apply once to have access to a number of opportunities.
  3. Recruitment Consultants can offer Salary advice and help you get what you’re really worth!
  4. Temporary or contract work gives you the opportunity to increase your skills and work experience, to try working in different industries. They may also lead into to a permanent role.
  5. Be ahead of the game! Your consultant can provide you with more insight into the company, the job, the interview, the culture, the environment and much more.
  6. Recruitment agencies can put you in touch with companies you haven't heard of who may be able to offer you a great opportunity.
  7. Recruitment agencies offer support and advice on improving your resume and interview techniques.
  8. Using a recruitment agency reduces the number of times your referees are contacted.
  9. Maintain confidentiality, your consultant will retain your personal contact details and referee details until you give permission to release them.
10. Its’ FREE - it won’t cost you a cent! So why wouldn't you?